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  • 3D Printer: Prusa Clone 2.0

    3D Printer: Prusa Clone 2.0

    After learning to weaknesses of my first 3D printer, I decided to build a second 3D printer by printing the parts with my first one. After some upgrades on the 1.0, it produced quite good pieces. Hardware The latest model is based on the Prusa Full Bear upgrade. The costs are higher the the standard […]

  • 3D Printer: Prusa Clone

    3D Printer: Prusa Clone

    RepRap projects focus on open-source 3D printers, there are multiple type of materializing methods and multiple stage types. I decided to make a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer with a Cartesian XYZ linear stage. We use a Mechatronic system that deposit hot plastic on a certain location, you could do manually by using a hot-glue […]