Programming: Python 3 and Visual Studio Code

Programming: Python 3 and Visual Studio Code

I’ve been using python for a while now. It’s a nice way of creating readible code, together with docstring (Sphinx) it’s amazing to create well documented code. If used properly, the code is easy to be maintained. Something that is a little bit more difficult to do with language as C++.

Functions & Methods

Depending on the purpose of the code. For example, does it need to manipulate the data once or multiple times, then Functions will give an easy way to create reusable codes.

Object Orientated Programming (OOP)

Instead of repeating the code, we can work with Objects in Python that has it’s own methods and classes.


Next to the use python for scripting, it can also be used to create applications. It’s key for an applications that it can easily be run on the intended systems. To tackle this problem, PyInstaller can be used to create an EXE file to take away the running environment issues. And to go one step further PyNSIS can be used to create Autoinstaller files.

Some awesome packages for Python 3

  • Click: a CLI argument parser
  • Django: great way to create server side application based on python
  • Eel: offline HTML and JS apps with a python backend
  • Numpy: Data manipulation
  • Pandas: Data sets
  • PyInstaller: compiling python code in a single executable file
  • PyNSIS: creating an installer for python codes
  • Sphinx: To create documentations