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  • Programming: Python 3 and Visual Studio Code

    Programming: Python 3 and Visual Studio Code

    I’ve been using python for a while now. It’s a nice way of creating readible code, together with docstring (Sphinx) it’s amazing to create well documented code. If used properly, the code is easy to be maintained. Something that is a little bit more difficult to do with language as C++. Functions & Methods Depending […]

  • Programming: Bash and Batch

    Programming: Bash and Batch

    When you need automation to get remove daily repetitive work by a script. Every programmer will face the same first problem, the code doesn’t work perfectly on other computers then the test computer. To tackle this problem it’s important to use standardization and be as little reliable on system specific libraries. When you are working […]

  • Version Control: GIT

    Version Control: GIT

    Git is a one of many version control tools out there, for example Subversion (SVN) and Mercury you also have the expensive IBM Synergy (formerly known as Telelogic). GIT is a decentralized repository, meaning that you have locally the whole repository. So when there is a VPN issue with the Synergy server, productivity stops. For […]