Author: Charlie

  • 3D Printer: Prusa Clone 2.0

    3D Printer: Prusa Clone 2.0

    After learning to weaknesses of my first 3D printer, I decided to build a second 3D printer by printing the parts with my first one. After some upgrades on the 1.0, it produced quite good pieces. Hardware The latest model is based on the Prusa Full Bear upgrade. The costs are higher the the standard […]

  • Programming: Python 3 and Visual Studio Code

    Programming: Python 3 and Visual Studio Code

    I’ve been using python for a while now. It’s a nice way of creating readible code, together with docstring (Sphinx) it’s amazing to create well documented code. If used properly, the code is easy to be maintained. Something that is a little bit more difficult to do with language as C++. Functions & Methods Depending […]

  • Programming: Bash and Batch

    Programming: Bash and Batch

    When you need automation to get remove daily repetitive work by a script. Every programmer will face the same first problem, the code doesn’t work perfectly on other computers then the test computer. To tackle this problem it’s important to use standardization and be as little reliable on system specific libraries. When you are working […]

  • Version Control: GIT

    Version Control: GIT

    Git is a one of many version control tools out there, for example Subversion (SVN) and Mercury you also have the expensive IBM Synergy (formerly known as Telelogic). GIT is a decentralized repository, meaning that you have locally the whole repository. So when there is a VPN issue with the Synergy server, productivity stops. For […]

  • Home Assistant: a way to home automation

    Home Assistant: a way to home automation

    There are multiple opensource home automation packages available on the market. I chose for home assistant, it has a big community with every other week an update and is Python based. It is the hub that interconnects all the following components: MQTT Broker Google Assistant Apple Homekist SONOS Playstation 4 Spotify IR Blaster to control […]

  • MSc Thesis: Low Power bi-directional reluctance actuator

    MSc Thesis: Low Power bi-directional reluctance actuator

    I chose for the Mechatronic System Design track because of the multi-disciplinair approach. Mechanical, electronic and informatica are working together to create a high tech system. Building (electric) race vehicles, even more disciplines are involved. Next to my thesis, I took the time to learn all about the available sensors, actuators and controllers in the […]

  • 3D Printer: Prusa Clone

    3D Printer: Prusa Clone

    RepRap projects focus on open-source 3D printers, there are multiple type of materializing methods and multiple stage types. I decided to make a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer with a Cartesian XYZ linear stage. We use a Mechatronic system that deposit hot plastic on a certain location, you could do manually by using a hot-glue […]

  • Repair: Canon grip

    Repair: Canon grip

    My Canon camera gets (ab)used a lot. From sandy beaches to snowy ski pistes. This has some impact on the durability of the silicon grip. Fortunately we can order a new one online and replace the old one. As can seen in above picture, the rubber is completely worn. After removing the old one including […]

  • Forze V: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

    Forze V: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

    The Forze 5 team consisted out 7 Fulltimers, students that stopped their study for 1 studen year. After my Full-time year I was still busy with the Forze 5 as a part-time engineer. Guiding the next Chief Engineer. Next to design and production, I was also part of the 4 drivers on the Formula Student […]

  • Forze IV: First Formula Type Hydrogen Race car

    Forze IV: First Formula Type Hydrogen Race car

    After 3 Forze’s based on a go-kart with a Hydrogenics of the Shelf Fuell Cell Solution. The Forze 4 was the first Formula Type vehicle with own developed and build Fuel Cell together with a Space Frame Chassis an that all in a time of 9 months from design to race car. Team Bodywork Chassis […]

  • Forze III: A lot of tech on a small frame

    Forze III: A lot of tech on a small frame

    The Forze III was the last vehicle that used a Go-kart based chassis. The Fuel Cell was a mildly modified Hydrogenic Fuel Cell Power System.