About me

About me

ir. Charlie van der Schoor, MSc. Mechanical Engineer

After graduation, I started in the Installation, Testing and Commissioning and Services Team at Bombardier Transportation. The first weeks consisted out of intensive training in the field of Railway and Signalling. From hardware installation to installing and maintaining the Computer Based Interlocking with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) of 4.

Signalling projects: installing, testing and commissioning of a stabling yard in Arnhem-Berg, NL and Swansea, UK PLC based; ERTMS Level 2 updates for Amsterdam Utrecht.

Services projects: Different Root Cause Analysis’; FRACAS; Requirement, Configuration and Change Management; ITIL 4; SCRUM; Maximo; Life Cycle Management.

Engineering projects: Scripting using python, bash and batch; Designing of computer networks; wireshark; serial-over-IP, PC-over-IP, NB-IoT; Test environments using virtualization and scripting.

I graduated from Delft University of Technology with a Masters degree. I did the Mechatronic System Design specialization at Precision and Micro-systems Engineering department. With the topic, low power bi-directional active reluctance actuator.

Next to following courses at TU Delft, I was part of the Formula Zero Team Delft. After my bachelor’s I was selected as the new Chief Engineer of the Forze 4. It would be the first Formula Type Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Electrical Racing vehicle designed and built by a student team of 6 full-time and 24 part-time students.

Some keywords for my hobbies; Using ESP32, STM32 and Arduino Microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi Microcomputers, Python Coding and Programming, Virtualization using Docker, Kubernetes and VirtualBox. 3D Printing,